East Bay Chiropractic

Our pain management solutions focus on the root cause of the problem and not just on the symptoms. Our approach is to provide individualized treatment based on your condition to remove the source of the pain so that the pain doesn’t reoccur.


East Bay Chiropractic

Welcome to East Bay Chiropractic. East Bay Chiropractic has a team of experienced providers that can help reduce and eliminate aches and pains naturally. Car collisions and injuries often leave victims in pain long after the event, and it may not be evident until weeks later. We work with you to determine the ideal treatment so you can start feeling like your best self. Our team is composed of experienced alternative medicine physicians who have a passion for helping patients.


What Our Clients Say

"I was recently in a wreck. I was hit from behind. I usually go to the Joint. We recently moved and I searched for chiropractic care nearby and this place popped up. I called and was scheduled forthe next day and I am so glad I came here. I am absolutely 100 percent impressed with this place. Dr Yang is wonderful. He is kind and so good with taking his time with you. I forgot how nice it is to have that. I don't write reviews but I tell you what come see him for chiro and his Father for acupuncture. Friendly clean and caring."
"Dr Yang is excellent. What I really enjoy about this practice is that Dr Yang provides a personalized treatment plan based on your specific situation, as opposed to others doctors who take a one-size-fits-all approach. He really cares about your health and wants to help you get better. I have recommended him to my family and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic care."
"Dr. Fan Yang is such an honest, knowledgeable and compassionate guy. He scheduled my father for an appointment for same day. After discovering the underlying condition, he explained everything in details. After a few adjustments today my dad felt relief and that made me feel good because no kid wants to see their parent suffering like that. More people like him are needed in medical field. Thank you!"