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Cupping Treatment

Cupping treatment is used to relieve pain, improve circulation and dispel stagnant blood and lymph to increase the energetic flow of the body.

Traditionally,  the clay cup or bamboo cup are boiled in the water to create a negative pressure as they cool. The cups are placed on the exposed skin  to create a suction. The most common styles of cupping are made with industrial silicon, glass and plastic. 

With cupping treatment, the local skin may become red or bruised. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine ” the bruising indicates the removal of toxins from your body.” Rest assure, the bruises are temporary and will be back to normal after a few of days. Cupping treatment is very effective to relax the tightness and tension of muscles. 

"Dr. Fan Yang is an excellent Chiropractor as he listens to you regarding your pains and back issues. He is very understanding and knowledgeable in how to treat your symptoms on an individual basis as he takes his time with you and he can adjust, use acupuncture and stretching techniques to ease your pain. I highly recommend him! "
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